Services Offered by Dr. Nick Dortaj & his Team

In current extraordinary situation with Corona virus pandemic:

Online visit (Telemedicine through phone call or vidio call) for all medical conditions, renew medications, consult, referral, chronic disease management,…

If necessary, in-person visit will be done in the office like vaccinations and specific medical conditions.

bright cardiac cardiology care

Insured services are services covered by OHIP.  All assessments are provided to you by our team members. Some of our insured services include:
• Pre-Operative consults
• Blood pressure checks
• Abscess incision and drainage
• Excision of skin lesions
• Removal of sutures
• Stool fecal occult blood test

Any medical service not covered by OHIP is called an Uninsured service. Some examples of Uninsured Services are:
• Drivers medical and other third-party examinations
• Work and school related notes
• Medical forms for insurance, legal or employment purposes
• Photocopying, faxing and transfer of medical records
• Missed appointments

Why not walk-in clinics?

  • Walk-in clinic care may be convenient but it is usually not high quality care.
  • Walk-in clinics do not send us the records of the care you received and we do not have access to what has been done for you.
  • Visiting walk-in clinics or other doctors outside of our FHO doctors is called “outside use” which means the Ministry of Health is paying twice for your medical care. Inappropriate use of medical resources comes out of all Canadians’ pockets and is an extra unnecessary burden on the healthcare system.

In order to prevent the above, here are some good tips:

  • Try to make an appointment in advance, for instance a few weeks before you finish your prescription or plan to travel.
  • For non urgent matters that may not require an office visit, contact us by email or phone.
  • For urgent or unanticipated problems during regular hours, call the office. We have provided some spaces for a same day visit.
  • If the office is closed, our After Hours includes details of the Family Health Organization Doctor that has an after hours clinic.
  • You can also call the Telephone Health Advisory service at 1-866-553-7205 to speak with registered nurse who will help you with your condition.
  • If none of the above is available, you can go to emergency department.
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