Proud Member of FHO

What is FHO?

FHO is an abbreviation for Family Health Organization. It is one of the models that thecropped-shutterstock_993467781.jpg ministry of health has created for a group of doctors to work together in order provide comprehensive primary health care services to their patients.  Our local FHO is the South Simcoe FHO. It includes 10 doctors and covers approximately 40,000 patients.
FHO’s provide care during regular and extended office hours and patients also have access to a nurse-staffed Telephone Health Advisory Service at 1-866-553-7205.
FHO’s provide primary health care services in a team approach which brings together your family physician with other health care providers to help provide you with the best possible care. The focus is on keeping you and your family healthy, not just treating you when you are sick.
For FHOs to be effective, the patients should try to receive their primary health care through their family doctor and if he/she is not available, from another doctor in the FHO.


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